Documentary Synopsis

Tyler Ransom is a 14 year-old teenager who has spent the majority of his life in a battle to defeat a kidney illness called Nephrotic Syndrome. Our goal is to share the seemingly insurmountable challenges he faces, his setbacks and his tenacious will to lead a normal life despite his decade long battle.

A documentary is one of the most efficient and engaging ways to reach the masses, spread awareness and ultimately make a difference in the lives of others who battle against chronic illness. What is the illness? Specifically, Tyler’s kidneys filtering system malfunctions and causes protein to leak into his urine, as a result fluid accumulates in his eyes, stomach and legs increasing his weight by 20+lbs. It is an illness where as prolonged leakage can cause kidney failure and potentially death.

We set out to gain the support of the combat sports community by combining his passion since the age of 4, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with his illness. It was 2009 when we made our first appearance at a BJJ academy and I filmed Tyler as he shared his story and sparred with many of the athletes, and that led to appearances at academies all over Southern California.

Tyler has had the opportunity to train with a virtual who’s who of the sport, from Ryron Gracie of the Gracie Academy, Eddie Bravo of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Henry Akins of Dynamix Martial Arts and his current instructor multi time world champion Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ Charles Maciel of Cobrinha BJJ and Fitness. He credits each of them with not only teaching him on the mat, where he has had to learn to work around many of the side effects from medications, but also how he approaches his daily life.

This documentary will serve as positive life lesson to many who feel a lack of hope, constant fear and loneliness. We intend to show families and kids specifically that they may fall down, but they do not have to stay down, there is a way to take control and have hope in the face of in many cases lifelong challenges. We will provide an up close and personal blue print of steps we have taken and the outcome of those steps, from dietary changes, exercise regiments and doctors both in and outside of traditional medicine. Join us in making a difference.

We will sponsor and work with families by helping them connect their child’s passion and interests with their illness by creating websites, personalized logos and a clear path to raise awareness of their battle with chronic illness.

Last but not least we will share what we call our HT System that we utilize whenever there is a medical setback and or any hardship that results in unforeseen stress, both emotional and financial.

It is easy for people to say to stay positive it is altogether a different story when you are dealing with uncertainty, doctors and medications. We will provide an E-Workbook and video conference with them on what has seen us through tough times and allowed us to stay positive and stay focused. Please go to the GET INVOLVED link and help us make a difference.

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