To be ‘chronically positive’ is to spend more time focusing on the positives, while keeping negative thoughts and actions to a bare minimum. My son, Tyler (16), has been enduring a 14+ year battle with a rare kidney illness, which on many occasions results in hospital stays, countless medications and an exhausting physical toll. Through it all he has maintained a positive outlook on life that betrays his youth. He is a decade long student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a perennial straight A student and an accomplished jazz guitarist with his own band, Tyler Ransom and the Handsomes! I asked him about his process, how he approaches and deals with adversity and stays focused on his steps to accomplish goals. He shared his simple, yet profoundly insightful ‘5 step system.’ I apply it to my life both personally and professionally with results of equal measure. Learning from my teen son has not only humbled me, it has empowered me. Read this book and put his system to use.

Who will benefit from this book?

· Self-improvement and enlightenment seekers

· People facing health and medical challenges

· Achievers and believers

· Anyone with emotional or financial stress.

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