In The Shed


A Documentary Film…8 years in the making, release date early 2020!


A coming of age story about a teenage musician, who uses lessons learned from his battle with chronic kidney illness to accomplish goals and overcome life’s challenges.

‘In the Shed,’ is a phrase used by musicians when their creative genius takes over and they can’t be reached by the outside world. In regards to Tyler Ransom, that ‘Shed’ represents a place he uses not only for music, but to find peace, strength and the ability to give back.


Tyler, now 18, was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome at 18 months old,

with many relapses, hospital visits and procedures in the rear view, he is in the midst of a two-year remission and limited medications.


With his freshman year of college fast approaching, this documentary looks back at his past, shows a glimpse into his future and focuses on his ability to be present.


From his polar opposite parents, separate homes and select group of loyal friends he has developed an innate ability to adapt and a strong moral compass. His health challenges although serious, are alleviated due to his extensive martial arts background, educational achievements and passion for music.


This inspirational documentary provides a blueprint on how to see the positives in all situations, embrace each day and discover your true passion.




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